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Our Mission Statement

Learning together,
to serve God,
His world
and all His people.
Always our best
because everyone matters.

Our School Values

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Our Christian Values

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Compassion                       Courage
Creation                              Fellowship
Forgiveness                       Friendship
Generosity                          Hope
Humility                              Justice
Peace                                  Perseverance
Responsibility                    Reverence
Service                               Thankfulness
Trust                                   Truthfulness

Our Aims

In our school, we aim to:
  • Create a safe, happy, healthy and stimulating learning environment within a loving, Christian ethos.
  • Develop a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating learning that promotes the intellectual, creative, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of every child.
  • Inspire every child to achieve the highest possible standards of learning and behaviour.
  • Develop individual, enthusiastic, life-long learners, who have positive self-esteem and who become active and caring citizens of the future.
  • Help all learners to think independently and to be responsible for their own actions.
  • Be reflective learners who make informed judgements about our performance and progress.
  • Promote effective learning partnerships with parents, the church and the wider community.

Our School Prayer

This is our school.
Lord, let it be full of joy and happiness.
Let it be full of love and peace.
May we treat others as we would wish to be treated.
Help us to grow safely, to learn new things every day
and to celebrate the wonder of life.
Let us be proud of what we achieve together.
And let us remember that as many hands make a house,
so many hearts make a school.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord



Our Code of Conduct

Our school is a happy place to be because we all try to:
  • think of others first
  • treat others as we would like to be treated
  • listen carefully to one another
  • be patient, understanding and forgiving
  • be polite and well-mannered
  • tell the truth
  • respect each other's belongings
  • look after our environment
  • move sensibly around the school
  • be proud of our good behaviour
  • keep to the school rules and class contracts
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