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Our Class Names

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Lobster Class - Miss Wilkinson

Crab Class - Mrs Magee


Key Stage One (KS1)

Seahorse Class - Miss Magowan

Seal Class - Mr Benham

Starfish Class - Mrs Aydin and Mrs Bayley

Year 3 Classes (KS2)

Jellyfish Class - Mrs Stancomb

Cuttlefish Class - Miss Jones and Miss Type

Year 4 Classes (KS2)

Cowrie Class - Mrs Tallis

Oyster Class - Mrs Hutchins

Year 5 Classes (KS2)

Kittiwake Class - Mr Brooks

Sanderling Class - Mrs Cremor and Mrs Richardson

Year 6 Classes (KS2)

Catshark Class - Miss Nagle

Stingray Class - Mrs Cook


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