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Health and Welfare

Absence from school

If your child is absent from school, please notify the school office on 01243 584412 as soon as possible.  We are required to report any unauthorised absences.

Administration of Medicines

The rules for administering medicines in primary schools have changed recently.  School staff can only administer prescription medinces if they are required four times a day.  When school staff adminster medicines, the parent must supply the medicine in the original pharmacist's container to the school office and must complete a 'Parental Consent to Administer Medication form'.  We are able to administer Calpol (paracetamol based medicine) and piriton to any child, but would need prior parental consent.

In cases of Asthma, we ask that your child brings in two inhalers that are clearly named - one is kept in their classroom, whilst the other is kept in the Medical Room.  Please ensure these do not expire.  We have a comprehensive First Aid Policy which includes our Asthma Policy.

If your child has severe allergies and have been prescibed to carry an epi-pen, we ask that your child brings in two epi-pens which are clearly named -one is kept in their classroom, whilst the other is kept in the Medical Room.   Please ensure these do not expire.

If your child suffers from any medical conditions which require a "Care Plan", please speak Mrs Cutsforth in the school office.

School Nurse

The School Nurse comes into school to carry out some health checks on the children.  This includes a yearly flu vacination which would require prior parental consent.

Head Lice

Please check your own child's hair regularly and inform the school of any head lice.  A 'Parent Mail' will be sent out to advise if head lice have been reported in your child's class.  Regular combing with a special comb does help to keep head lice at bay.  We can give you guidelines to help with this matter, or click here to view advice from the NHS. 

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