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Religious Education

At Bishop Tufnell CE Primary School we follow the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus.  The children are taught  Christianity and other main world religions. In Key Stage One they will primarily learn about Christianity and Judaism/Islam. In Key Stage Two the children build on prior knowledge and also explore Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The children will learn about religious festivals, customs and ways of worship. They learn to:-

* explore basic theological Christian concepts, using a range of sources including the Bible

*understand what other world religions there are

*express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religion on society and culture

* engage purposefully with a range of world religions.  

As a school we encourage a respect for diversity and aim to strengthen an understanding of other communities and cultures. 

We primarily teach from the Guildford Diocesan Scheme of Work. Each unit starts with a key question to engage learners and contains core knowledge that pupils should become familiar with.  During RE lessons, pupils are encouraged to listen to others and reflect on their own understanding and personal beliefs. Teachers assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding at the end of each unit.

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