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Year 5

Our Year 5 team this year are;

Mrs Charlotte Richardson (Year 5 representative) and Mrs Sasha Cremore - Ruby Class

Mrs Caroline Stancomb - Peridot Class


We are supported by:

Mrs Mel Scott

Mr Harry Annuls

Autumn term

The first half term of Year 5 is full of exciting activities, opportunities and responsibilities.  We study the topic Ancient Egypt and ask why were the Egyptians so advanced? Children will immerse themselves in this fascinating history in the role of an archaeologist exploring a tomb, which will also be their starting point for writing an archaeological report. In art, children will be recreating Tutankhamun’s death mask and learn how to draw like an Egyptian. Children will also be learning to read music notes and play the recorder. During the second half of the term, our focus switches to space in a Science led learning journey. Our core text is ‘Where Once We Stood’ by Christopher Riley and children will use one of the Apollo missions to write a dramatic play-script recounting the adventures of astronauts on the moon. In Maths we will build on previous learning with a strong emphasis on written calculation strategies. During this entire term, children will have swimming lessons in Felpham.


Spring Term

This exciting term we will be learning all about the Mayan civilization in Central America; where the civilization was located, how long it lasted and what their cultural beliefs were. Children will learn about the importance of chocolate in religious ceremonies and have the opportunity to taste Mayan-inspired chocolate and Mexican style food. Inspired by this taste experience, children will write a non-chronological report explaining how cocoa grows, how it is processed into chocolate and why it was so important to the Mayans. We will also be reading Mayan folk tales to use as inspiration for our own playscripts based on these traditional tales. This term, we will be developing understanding of Christian values by taking part in local charity fundraising. Children will build on their recorder skills and understanding of musical notation through clarinet lessons and develop composing techniques using traditional South American ocarinas.  In the second half of term, children will be reading the quality text ‘Wonder’ and explore the themes of the books by writing a character perspective and a script for taking part in a debate. In art we will be exploring Mayan arts and crafts, and later in the term focus on using abstract collage techniques to create a self-portrait in the style of the front cover of ‘Wonder’.


Summer Term

In this term children become naturalist scientists and explore our extensive school grounds, including the woodland and pond, identifying how plants reproduce and disperse seeds and how to classify different animal groups. Children will also be learning about the life cycle of different animals and keep an observation diary as we watch caterpillars become butterflies before our very eyes. Our fantastic text this term is ‘Journey to the River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson and children will use this as a spring board for describing the magical rainforest where the heroine goes to live. In geography, we will be learning map reading skills and about the course of a river, followed by a trip to our local river, the Arun. Continuing with the water theme, children will use acrylic painting techniques to paint in the style of Monet.


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