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Keeping Safe Online


At Bishop Tufnell Primary School we have been working with your children to help them learn how to be safe online.

Below, are some Apps that you should be familiar with in order to support your children when they are online at home. 

Please see the helpful links below.


To know who to tell when they feel unsafe online.

Year 1:

To know who and when to tell about an e-safety concern.

Year 2:

To know which information is okay and not okay to share online – Buddy the Dog

Year 3:

To make secure passwords. To identify examples of negative online behaviour.

Year 4:

To explain the effects of their online actions.

Year 5:

To discuss positives and negatives of social media/online world.

Year 6:

To understand techniques used by online ‘scammers’.



Other helpful links below


If you are concerned about anything that your child has been sent or accessed online, please use this link to report it.





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